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A Unique Atmosphere:

At Growing Room, we make developing a strong partnership with parents our goal in order to give their children the finest childcare possible. Open, two sided communication and respect are essential in these relationships. We encourage parents to be active participants by visiting at any time. We frequently offer special events to include them and get them involved. The partnerships our care givers develop with parents opens up daily conversations so that no milestones, happy moments, or achievements go unrecognized and uncelebrated.

Growing Room is not just another day care center but rather an educational child enrichment center overflowing with new learning opportunities. Our facilities offer infant daycare, toddler childcare, preschool, Pre K, before and after school care, summer camp programs, and extracurricular activity programs. Our infants receive individualized care specific to their personal needs to assist in their language and development skills.

Selecting a Site:

Growing Room Franchise System includes everything you need to reproduce our award winning child care program. All the information needed will be provided to you through the orientation and training in our corporate office and schools. Hands on assistance and step-by-step manuals will be available at your disposal. Ongoing support and refresher training will also be available as needed. These franchising opportunities help you to bring the best quality educational childcare centers to Birmingham, Alabama.

Our franchising system will ensure that your center will have the optimal location, the Growing Room look, and policies and procedures in place to guarantee a successful investment return. Our physical location guidelines take several factors into consideration. We look at building type and size, the general vicinity, local infrastructures, zoning restrictions and more. Our playground specifications allow fun, free play but limit potential hazards. These requirements are standard throughout all Growing Room franchise locations and help to create a unique but uniform look.

What Sets Us Apart in Childcare?

The Growing Room Franchise System is dedicated to ensure your success in this highly fulfilling business opportunity. You will be given everything you need to hire, train, and support educators. They will be taught to encourage strong thinking skills and practice positive reinforcement. You will learn how to develop and maintain strong parent-teacher-school partnerships to make your Growing Room center possible.

Find out if this franchise opportunity is the right fit for you. Owning a childcare franchise is a big commitment but a rewarding one at the same time. Let us help you determine if owning and operating your very own Growing Room franchise could benefit not only you but your community as well. We take pride in going above and beyond with our centers. No detail is too small or too large. Details make the difference between an average daycare and a Growing Room educational child care center. Check out the Popular Franchise Questions and answers here as well as the Frequently Asked Questions on our corporate page to answer any questions or concerns you have about opening a franchise!

Popular Franchise Questions

Do I need previous childcare experience to become a Franchisee?

Not necessarily. You do have to have a true love of children and a desire to be personally involved in the day-to-day operations of your school.

Does The Growing Room offer financing?

Not directly. However, we do have relationships with third parties who can assist you.

What is the total investment?

The estimated initial investment ranges from $656,500-$882,000. This does not include the cost of land or building construction cost. The FDD describes all fees in detail.

For Alabama State Information and guidelines:

Contact Information
Alabama Department of Human Resources Child Care Services Division
50 North Ripley Street
Montgomery, Alabama 36130
Phone Number: (334) 242-1425
Email: stacey.sorrell@dhr.alabama.gov